Sales Assessment

Boost your revenue twice by hiring best of sales persons!
What is Sales Assessment ?

PMaps Sales Assessment is a comprehensive role-specific behavioral assessment that examines candidate’s expertise in ‘Selling’ products by accurately recognizing the customer to be approached through their inherent skills.

Why do we use it?

We at PMaps Assessment helps businesses in identifying the intrinsic behavioral attributes crucial for performing as an effective Salesperson leading to raise in business.

Features (Traits and Construct)

PMaps Sales Assessment has been composed using unique set of behavioral competencies that captures all sales related activities that pertain to

  • Understanding the latent need of a consumer
  • Keenness to approach and build rapport with people
  • Highly competitive outlook
  • Understanding the latent need of a consumer
  • Optimistic approach towards failure
What are its Uses/Benefits?

Our PMaps Sales Assessment assures your candidate’s job performance on board. It assists you hire people high on Key performance indicators (KPI) for Sales roles like:

  • Achieve Monthly Sales Target
  • Add Cost of sales to revenue ratio
  • Maximum Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) to Sales Qualified Lead(SQL) Conversion Rate
  • Successful Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) to Win Conversion Rate
  • High on Activity per representative ratio
  • Minimum Average sales cycle
  • High on Average follow-up attempts

At PMaps we enable you to hire candidates with higher inclination towards Sales from the piles of applications you receive on day to day basis.

Understand your team’s Strengths and Weaknesses by our Assessments –

We not only guide you in hiring but also help in getting insight about your existing employees. It is necessary for you to know whether the previously hired candidate has the required inclination or behavioral attributes for sales. You may also use our PMaps Sales  Assessment for Pre-hiring & Post Sales performance evaluation –

  1. Evaluation of present team: Understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses
  2. Training and Competency gap analysis: Guide your existing sales people by getting objective data of them and understand the need of training
  3. Retention: Know whom to retain for longer period of time.
  4. Promotion / Appreciation: Decision making in who should be entitled for promotion and appreciated.
Who can use it?

PMaps Sales Assessment can be taken by any Industry pondering for an exemplary sales team in their organization like:

  • Enterprise Software/Consulting Sales
  • Medical Device/Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Financial Services Sales
  • Real Estate/Commercial Real Estate Sales
  • Copier/Office Technology Sales
  • Telecommunications/Security sales (B2B)
  • Manufacturing/Consumer Goods Sales
  • Retail Sales
  • Telemarketers


For Pre-hiring Salespeople

Industries Using

Telecom, DTH, FMCG, Healthcare, Banking, Airlines, e-Commerce, Insurance, Travel, Logistics, Retail, Auto and Manufacturing, Information Technology, ITeS

Norm Group

Age- 18-25 years
Min. experience- 0-3 yrs.


Measure broad 4 Attributes
37 Items

Question Types

Situation based
Picture and Audio based


30 Minutes

Top Clients


A Delightful Experience

Lakshmi Menon

AVP – Human Resources

We have been working PMaps since Dec 2015 and are happy with the psychomteric evaluation and the online tests that PMaps has mapped for us.

Elton Isaac

AGM – Talent Acquisition

It is a great tool to use which can be customized to assess various skills that are required on the job. The team is prompt in providing solutions and ensures smooth functioning of the tool.

Kranti Munje


It has been pleasure working with PMaps team. Our aim was to reduce the recruitment cycle time; and we have achieved it through PMaps. The PMaps team has been very supportive to our needs. It has been pleasure working with the team!

Mushtaque Aalam

Head of Resourcing

It has met our organization’s purpose. We hope to see similar partnership in the future.