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Apart from our wide and unique range of products and services, PMaps Assessments keeps their clients at ease and comfort by providing unique features and technology blend to give them a unique user experience, remote accessibility, easy monitorization over test performance, and true test scores of candidates.

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What is a PMaps Invigilator?

PMaps Invigilator is a windows application tool which enables a candidate to take the test in a supervised environment.

Why do companies require using this?

PMaps Invigilator reduces the effort of manual vigilance. It keeps an eye on candidates with minimal technical requirements from anywhere – anytime.

Unique Features:

  • Screenshot capture
  • Prevent switching to other applications during test
  • Log off all unwanted applications during the time of test

Who can use it?

This application can be used at campus where candidate comes to location where tests are being conducted or off campus locations where candidate is attempting test from remote locations.


  • It ensures valid test attempts without any mischief.
  • No need of human intervention (Saves ‘Hiring Time’ & ‘Hiring Cost’)
  • The score is saved even in network and power drain.
  • Allows monitoring of test across geographical locations of India.
  • Uses features like Webcam capture, Screenshot capture and prevents switching to other applications.

What is a API Integration?

It bridges the communication gap between PMaps executives and existing clients. It enables transparency in the processes with the client during their entire association with PMaps Assessments.


Why do companies require using this?

API Integration is developed and constructed with an aim of providing ease and comfort to our clients with transparency to enhance their satisfaction level.


  • It serves easy communication between two applications
  • It gives a free hand to our client to make use of their own applications


  • No special IT requirements for using Assessments and monitoring test scores.
  • Our client can view their reports anytime from anywhere from their own application.

What is a Blended Delivery Platform?

It is very easy and comfortable to use. A unique feature of this platform enables it to work on the web, desktop, and mobile applications.


Why do companies require using this?

This delivery platform enable to conduct mass requirements on Web, Desktop and Mobile applications and with full security and monitoring through remote locations.

What differentiates PMaps from Others?

Our solution can be easily integrated with any HRMS system. A secured login environment helps to conduct tests from any geographical location with no chances of cheating even in remote executions.

Who can use it?

This platform is helpful for all organizations and is specifically boon for large organizations for their hiring process.


The most important benefit of this platform is that it does not restrict our clients to monitor their test scores and candidates across various locations to take their test from any of the media like Internet, Web application and Mobile application.

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