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PMaps Sales Assessment

PMaps Sales Assessment (PSA) is a behavioural assessment specifically designed to perceive the sales orientation and behaviour of an individual to map their suitability in the front line Sales profile. It enables you to hire sales forces in your organisation who have the right attitude and aptitude to meet their target, contributing to the business growth. Through our Sales Assessment tool you can streamline the sales hiring process to recruit the ideal candidates.

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Perspective Taking

Ability to understand the present circumstances and mental state of the people involved in and to determine the appropriate course of action as per the situation’s expectation. 


Ability to bounce back even in the face of apparent failure.


A strong need to be financially stable and self-reliant through all means possible.


An Ambivert is moderately comfortable with groups and social interaction, but also relishes time alone, away from a crowd.


MCQs – Situation Judgement Test (SJT) Audio and Pictures (SJTs)


20 Minutes

Norm Group

Age – 21 to 35 yrs
Experience – Freshers (0-3 yrs), Mid-level (>3 yrs and <7 yrs), Senior Level(>7 yrs)
Education – Graduates, Post Graduates

Improve Sales Performance

Hire candidates with the ability to sell on non-physical channels.

Sales Quota achievement

Higher probability for achieving a given sales target.

Reduce Onboard Time

No need to evaluate a candidate unfit for a sales role.


Recommend areas of improvement for fit candidates.

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