How To Level Up Your Virtual Selling Game?

Before Covid-19, only 27% of sales organizations reported that they are conducting more than half of their sales activities virtually. But after the onset of this pandemic, the percentage rose to 71%.

And with the new ways of selling from far away, came new challenges like – difficulty in retaining the prospect’s attention, changing their point of view, struggle with developing relationships & building rapport with the prospects virtually, collaborating and communicating value to the prospects online and technological difficulties that came along.

So, how does a salesperson excel in the selling business while working virtually? Here are 3 Tips that salespeople can use when they are selling virtually to boost their sales:

Tip #1: Educate The prospect. It is important to build a context in front of your prospect before you ask them about their decision about your product. Providing relevant information to the prospects on why do they need this? How will it contribute to them? should be conveyed effectively to your prospect during the sales meeting. Start by focusing on the prospect’s pain point. Follow it up with thought-provoking questions. And later on, add solutions to it. It shows that you have the needed expertise to solve their issues. And they will be more likely to accept your recommendations with an open mind.

Tip #2 Connect Outside The Formal Meetings. Instead of sending documents and pdfs, salespeople can send personalized video messages to introduce via mails. Do your research about the prospects before meetings and discuss their interest areas. Stay connected with your prospects through different channels. Engage with them on social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram etc. to strengthen your relationship with them.

Tip #3: Test Your Technology Before Meetings. Conduct the meeting on a platform or software that is reliable. Always have a backup plan in case the technology breaks down in between. For e.g., share a contact number to connect if the computer audio stops working mid-meeting. Get proper training for the platforms and go through a trial run to check the functioning of the system before the actual meeting.

You can read our latest blog to know more about the challenges salespeople are facing while selling virtually. Read to get more tips to improve your digital sales. We also have #BonusTips for you at the end of the blog.


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