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About Us

We aim to improve hiring outcome through quick and scientific assessment.

Who we are

We are a team comprising seasoned psychologists and OB practitioners with more than 20 years of experience in industrial psychology, statisticians, and IT experts to provide our clients with seamless execution.

We are being advised by a leading Asian Psychology Association for designing our visual based competencies framework.

Our platform is unique as we measure personality through pictures. Our assessments are 3 times faster than traditional assessments. It has reduced the time to hire and improve the quality of hiring for leading customer service and sales driven organisation. If you are hiring front liners then we have a scientific assessment to make your hiring faster and better.

PMaps is a

visual based assessment

which measure skill and personality for entry level job seekers.

We are the fusion of smart application of

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We study the psychological health of an individual for the cultural fitment of the respective organization.

Data Analytics

We bring scientific characterrstics to our psychological study to uplift Performance-based KPI for any organization.

Information Technology

We make use of a smart technological blend to make an effective use of our offerings.

We build a culture where we value

excellence, perfection, delivering best, integrity, intention & commitment.


We believe in the Purpose of Life, Values, and a sense of relationship”.


To be a leading assessment platform for entry level job seekers.


To make hiring inclusive, faster and better by leveraging people science


Though we are physically decentralized,
our centralized efforts have led us to great height

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