Team PMaps

Fauzia Naqvi

Head- Behavioural Sciences

Relaxed atmosphere with immense opportunities for learning and self-development. Satisfies the creative urges of the self while simulteaneously getting a sense of accomplishment in helping organisations to get the best candidates they can.

Akshay Parekh

Intern Analyst

I have learned many things with my senior colleagues which are very helpful and advanced in their technical skill-sets. One thing I like the most is it’s working environment, here we work with FUN.

Rahul Nirwan

IT Analyst

After 2.5 year of experience, I am proud to say that I am part of PMaps Assessment. The company culture excites us more for our work as every one shares a positive attitude with a friendly hand. Here, projects are critical and huge, but everyone works together to achieve the common goal. Meeting deadlines is treated with utmost importance and working together makes them achievable. Here, it’s not only work, but also parties and celebrations.

Sanket Samant

Intern / Employee Software Developer / Tester

I joined here as a Software Developer/Tester and the environment has nurtured me in growing in my professional and personal life. There is no rigid hierarchy, everybody works together. The thing which excites me most is to work with my IT team, it’s a perfect mixture of having fun and leaning as well.

Vaibhav Rokade


PMaps Assessment is a place for : Effective Sharing of Goals. A healthy organization shares its business goals with employees at every level of the organisation. Teamwork. High Employee Morale. Offers Training Opportunities. Leadership. Handles Poor Performance. Understanding Risks. Adapts to Opportunities and Changes.

Arokiya Vincent

Finance Analyst

I started my career at PMaps Assessment as a Financial Analyst after Graduation and have achieved professional growth since I have joined this organization. Here, I get intense opportunities to learn and implement new tools and techniques in financial spheres and domains.

Nikita Bhatkar

Management Trainee

PMaps Assessments” through its open culture enhances employee growth by providing them opportunities and a free hand in choosing their own way.

Apoorva Kayal

Software Analyst

Fun-filled atmosphere, open door work culture, flexible work hours and enthusiastic colleagues. Yes! It is possible. You are at PMaps! My entire working journey has been spectacular. It has truly helped me to grow on professional as well as on the personal front. PMaps is a good head-start for people who are uncertain about their career path by letting you explore your capabilities in different departments. Life at PMaps is enjoyable!

Mayur Yelikar

Project Manager (IT)

After working with MNCs and various Freelancing projects PMaps Assessment has provided me that growing culture and opportunity to explore more in my domain. I know my work will be appreciated and my opinions are taken into account, this excites me to work everyday to my best ability.

Mr. S. Rajan

Prof S. Rajan have been a social entrepreneur & academician with over 30 year work experience as a teacher, trainer, activist and development worker. His specific skill lies in establishing and nurturing institutions by contributing to team building, professional and personal development of staff at all levels in the organizations served. Prof Rajan has over 50 publications in the form of articles in international and national journals, books and research reports. He was awarded the Bharat Shreshta Acharya Award 2002 by MIT, Pune. He also held position of Director (Vice Chancellor) at Tata Institute Social Science. At PMaps, Prof S. Rajan act as a mentor and guides team in overall governance and administration.

Seema Gupta

Marketing Analyst

Working with PMaps has always been a great experience of my Life since my Joining. I am always surrounded by people who are passionate and have hunger for new learnings. Indeed, its a great place for working and learning that enhance one’s knowledge, aptitude and skill-sets.

Sonali Dasharath Shahu


PMaps Assessment gave me platform to nurther my Psychological understandings after my Masters in Clinical Psychology through right mentorship and contant motivation. It’s a place of free thoughts of free culture to encourage qualitative work which enhace your ideation, thereby, no limitation can hold back your performance. In all it’s a place that gets best out of you on the job and connects you to a beautiful fun loving family which we call as “PMaps Family”.

Rashi Bareja

Intern - Software Development and Testing

Here at PMaps, long with friendly environment comes work, that is equally challenging and knowledge gaining. I have got to work on projects practically, and along with these I have even got to work with other teams thus helping me know more about the working and company. Last but not the least, life at PMaps is truly delightful.

Tarvinder Kaur

Head - Products and Business

Its really a pleasure working with PMaps. Here we get an opportunity to work on different domains and products that adds to our learning process and challenges our intelligent quotient. This is one of my best work experiences specially in terms of varied team members with interesting skill sets and variety of opportunities that I thrive on. In short, I love working at PMaps.

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