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Why PMaps?

Our Mission

“Better Hiring” for our clients by making hiring decisions more objective through application of behavioral theories and analytical framework.

We believe that “right candidate” is the one who possesses desired skills, personality, interest and motivation for performing well on the job.

General Hiring Process

HR team assesses the personality, interest and motivation for a hire through interviews or behavioural assessment and Operation team assesses skills through interviews or relying on resume. Motivation assessment is also necessary as candidate might have all desired skills but he will refrain from performing if he is not interested or motivated enough. Through our customised assessment you can assess all above with a click of a button.

Using PMaps Assessment in your Hiring Process

PMaps Assessment not only checks the knowledge, skills & behaviour of the candidate but also replicates the job situation to assess the job readiness for each candidate.

  • PMaps Item/Question Creation and Validation

Each and every cognitive item/question at PMaps has been created scientifically and difficulty level gets assigned to these items/questions by adhering to internal hypothesis. These difficulty levels of each item/question are further validated and recalibrated on the basis of external assessment data. The Normative Group and Demographic Profiling is duly considered in this calibration exercise.

  • Developing PMaps Behavioural Assessment

PMaps Behavioural Assessments have been developed by senior psychologists from leading social science institution like TISS. All of the PMaps Behavioural Assessments have acceptable criterion validity for predicting candidate job performance.

The hiring process in any organization begins with the resume collection from various hiring channels such as job portals, references etc. and ends with job offer extension to the selected candidate. Secondly, the hiring process is very data intensive with data source in the form of resumes, interviewers score cards, academic data, demographic data & other details such as CTC, past employer, candidate’s address etc. Most of this diverse dataset is maintained physically which results in administrative and supervision overhead.

Integration with the Existing HR systems

PMaps offering assures that all these varied dataset is stored digitally and same be integrated with client’s database in most seamless way. Some of our clients who have transitioned from pen & paper assessment to PMaps Assessment have certainly improved their hiring process in terms of no data wastage, faster decision making & digital data recording.

Customized Registration Page

PMaps assessment allows the use of customizable registration page that enables the collection of detailed candidate information and the same be stored digitally on the secured cloud server. Data can be retrieved or be seamlessly integrated with client’s Application tracking system (ATS) for future use.

Real Time Online Reports

Pen & Paper assessment generates reams of paper in the form of candidate reports whereas the candidate reports @ PMaps assessment platform gets generated on the real time basis and the same gets stored at the dedicated cloud server.

Candidate’s Fitment Status

The fitment status of the candidate is made available on the dedicated interface used by the HR team in your organization and the HR team may not be required to always study the detailed report of each candidate for judging pass or fail. PMaps assessment has an ERP led architecture where in the department head may grant access rights to different hierarchy levels in order to have an overview of sourcing activities and selection rates in the hiring process.

There is an empirical evidence that suggests that the incremental rounds of interview just add to the subjectivity and make interviewer suffer from confirmation biasness. PMaps has successfully secured cost saving of more than 30% of interview cost and 50% of interview time for the leading clients.

PMaps helps in giving macro perspective for designing training plan because PMaps assessments are designed by carefully analysing job descriptions and subsequently assessing candidates on the same.

  • PMaps unique job fitment algorithm rates each candidate on three categories:

    i) Job Fit
    ii) Trainable
    iii) Can be trainable.

PMaps recommendation engine therefore suggests training plan for each set of these categories. Some of our past recommendation to our clients has substantially improved the employee productivity and deliverable quality. Eg: For a leading KPO, PMaps suggested the list of candidates to be given training on advanced excel for a data process.