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PMaps Emotional Intelligence Assessment (PMaps EIA)

Any jobs which demand interaction with other people are the ones that require emotional intelligence. Bosses and leaders, in particular, should have high emotional intelligence because they represent the organisation, they interact with largest number of people within and outside the organisation and they set tone for employee morale.

A leader with higher emotional intelligence (EQ) is emotionally aware. Such a leader is also able to read emotions in others, is competent enough in articulate emotions, and has broad vocabulary of feeling words. Apart from acknowledging fears and encouraging others to do likewise, the leader is empathetic and accept others to do likewise, the leader is empathic and accept others and show compassion, instead of being demanding. Not only does the leader treat all feelings with respect, but is also inspiring and motivating. In short, leaders who are attuned to their own feelings and the feelings of others can use their understanding to enhance organisation’s effectiveness.

Our scientifically validated assessment i.e. PMaps Emotional Intelligence, certainly enable you to assess emotional intelligence for leaders and suggest areas of improvement.