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PMaps Banking Assessment (PMaps BA)

PMaps Banking Assessment is an assessment of the candidate’s cognitive skills, domain knowledge ad attitude suitable for his/her employment in the banking sector. It is a unique assessment that is used to find out a candidate's fitment in any specific role, grade or function in a bank.

Success for any bank lies in delivering superior customer experience through its employees across various touchpoints. All customer interactions with the bank employees at branches, kiosks or phone banking ultimately determines the customer satisfaction and their loyalty. Maintaining this consistency in customer interaction across all touch points depend upon employees’ predisposition to render quality service.

  • Exhaustive Assessment - Banking, Finance & Capital Markets Domain.
  • Assess candidates on sales orientation or customer orientation.
  • Rich content i.e. picture/image, audio and video that makes assessment more inclusive.
  • Predictive Analytic and Fitment Algorithm.
  • Difficult to fake.
  • Inter-Intra company benchmark.
  • Abridged and detailed reporting.

Banks are realising the importance of “Better Hiring” as the key differentiator for any bank is delivering quality customer service through its well mapped employees.

Our scientifically validated assessment i.e. PMaps Banking Assessment (PMaps BA), will certainly enable you to identify “right hire” and improve the hiring process.

  • Assess candidates for multiple banking processes - Branch, Treasury, Financial Institution, Wholesale, Investment, Rural & Capital Market etc.
  • Compare candidates against the relevant norms in the banking sector.
  • Know the candidate's expected job performance.
  • Improve operational KPI such as reduction in recruitment time, improvement in hiring quality etc.