Assessment Consulting

PMaps specializes in offering customized psychometric assessment solutions across different sectors and boasts of a strong technology team that helps in automation and delivery processes

Customized Industry Specific Assessments

  • PMaps offers consulting services on various areas starting from test content development, defining the assessment strategy for different companies in respective sectors to assessment delivery.

  • PMaps has successfully deployed the assessment products in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPOs), Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs), Banks, Telecom, Pharmaceutical and many other sectors. This enable us to conduct the industry specific benchmark and consult the companies in deriving their assessment strategies.

  • PMaps recently launched programming test for Information Technology (IT) companies where in integrated compliers and coding programs are evaluated in jiffy and candidates are even shown compiler warnings.

Customized Psychometric Assessments

  • PMaps understands the client’s requirements and the job profile in detail and designs a tailor-made assessment that incorporates the above inputs.

  • This is followed by conducting pilot tests of the custom-made assessment and detailed psychometric report is also customized as per the assessment.

  • Customized Psychometric Assessment is therefore finalized for administration.

  • Psychometric Assessments can include – Aptitude, Personality, Domain Knowledge and Situational Judgment Tests - all designed as per client’s needs.