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Our Mission

“Better Hiring” for our clients by making hiring decisions more objective through application of behavioral theories and analytical framework.


PMaps is India’s leading analytics driven Assessment Company involved in job fitment services through unique proprietary algorithm and recommendation engine.

PMaps is pioneer in providing its unique “Assessment Analytics” solutions to leading corporates for “Better Hiring”. Our solutions result in 'Better Hiring' through our limited understanding of human minds & appropriate application of psychometric principles and data mining capabilities.

Brainchild of management graduates, PMaps does candidate profiling based on psychometric assessments prepared by professional psychologists to identify high performers and reduce chances of wrong hires. We create, design and schedule assessments for only those sectors which are people-driven. PMaps specializes in assessments for sectors namely: Banking, BPO, KPO and Pharma.

Our team comprises of seasoned Psychologists, OB Practitioners, and Statisticians with more than 100 years of collective experience in understanding human minds to provide you with seamless execution through web or desktop application.

Whether you are a start-up hiring your first product developer, a rapidly growing mid-sized firm in need of scaling up human resources at a hectic pace or a large company hiring a sales manager in one corner of the country, the most important strategy for ensuring long term success is, undoubtedly, your “PEOPLE” strategy.

And this compelling need can be addressed if an individual’s personality is profiled in a systematic and scientific manner – through psychometric assessments.